The Company

Bergmann zur Hausen & Cie. embodies the values and principals of its founders, which are characterized by authenticity, pragmatism and empathy. The hands-on approach to problem solving for our clients is minted by entrepreneurship as owner for the entrepreneur and owner and by the responsibility towards the task to provide best in class advice.

Bergmann zur Hausen & Cie. did evolve from the investment banking activities of Sal. Oppenheim, where the founders have been responsible for the origination and execution of numerous transactions in the life science space.

Over the years, the founders have collected a broad range of experiences within international corporations as well as in various relevant areas, which come to fruition for our clients in the daily tasks at hand. In particular, the very diverse perspectives of the founders and the knowledge in regards to industry and life science specific issues complement each other most favorably and allow for the generation of substantial synergies for our clients.

Bergmann zur Hausen & Cie. synergistically combines the know-how and the experience of its founders and management covering the value chain of the rather complex life science industry, thereby allowing our customers to strategically and operationally prepare best possible for the challenges of the future in this fast evolving sector.

Bergmann zur Hausen & Cie. GmbH
An der Welle 4
60322 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 171 500 37 44
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